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How to Support TweakHeadz Lab


Ways to support the effort

Those in the US can purchase gear through my links to the following stores: SameDayMusic zZounds   Gear at Amazon   Tweak's Audio Pro Shop.

That way, you can get the gear you want and support the sites at the same time. Really, its a win-win situation.  Thanks to all those who have supported the sites, they have become what they are today.

If you are not from the USA, you can donate to the cause through PayPal


One way to support my endeavors is to contribute great participation to the forums as so many of you  have.  I thank all our top contributors for making the community strong and real. 

You can drop links in other places on the web to my sites.  I really appreciate that.  I have never used advertising of any kind, so its all word of mouth.  Here are the links:

 TweakHeadz LabStudio-Central Community and  Audio-Pro-Central

You can help by reviewing and on (Amazon) (scroll to the bottom of the page)

No donation or purchase is required to receive the benefits of these sites.   I thank you for your support.


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